The Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize (ARIBP) is awarded annually for the best independently published book (fiction, poetry, and creative/narrative non-fiction). The Prize is open to African independent writers resident on the continent and in the diaspora.

The Prize aims to recognise quality self-published books with unique and extraordinary stories addressing current and future Africa (Afro-currency and Afro-futurism) for books not more than three (3) years old since publication.

The Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize is managed by Mystery Publishers, a Kenyan premier pan-African independent publisher with a bias toward African speculative fiction and genre/pop literature stories.

Key Highlights

2022 – The 2022 Prize was open only to books & authors published by Mystery Publishers. 

2023 – The 2023 edition of the Prize is open to Kenyan writers resident in Africa or in the Diaspora.

2024 – The Prize is open to African writers resident in the continent or in the Diaspora.

The Prize, designed by Xhuma Maseeti, Usanii Mashariki Gallery

Prize Criteria

  • Selection of submitted books by Mystery Publishers. We look for professionally published books (whether a book is well presented—cover, pictures [if relevant] and layout) following industry standards.
  • The selected books are then taken through public voting, where readers vote for the book with the most extraordinary story to produce a shortlist of ten books. (Public voting accounts for 10% of the overall evaluation.)
  • The shortlisted books are forwarded to a judges’ panel comprising beta readers, editors, authors, and publishers. The most important aspects they will be looking for are: whether a book is well written (including structure and style), and Afro-currency and Afro-futurism in the themes.
  • The winning book is announced at an award ceremony, and the winner is awarded the prize money, a trophy, and a certificate.
  • The first and second runners-up will be awarded a certificate.


2024 Cash Prize
To increase with more funding
When it comes to recognising literary works, self-published authors and books are given a wide berth. The gatekeepers ensure that works that don’t go through their gates remain outside.
Writer | editor | Publisher | writing tutor
vincent de paul

2024 Submissions Open

Submissions close on 15 April 2024

2024 Eligibility Criteria

Open to African Authors Worlwide: An African is a citizen of any African country by birth if, on the day of the person’s birth, whether or not the person is born in any African countr, either the mother or father of the person is a citizen or through naturalisation.
  • Self-published authors only. (Proof of self-publishing to be provided.) A book or author is self-published if:
    • It is DIY publishing (author does all the publishing process by themselves);
    • They engage professional author services providers/companies to provide the services for them (invoices and receipts for such services to be provided);
    • They publish their books using self-publishing companies (a publishing agreement in addition to invoices and receipts to be provided); or
    • Self-publishing companies may submit books on behalf of their authors (copies of publishing agreements, invoices and receipts issued to authors, and business registration/incorporation certificate to be provided).

Participate Submit Your Book

paperback or ebook

Submission Guidelines

Five (5) hard copy books for every title submitted are to be dropped at/sent to Nuria Bookstore, The Bazaar Building, Moi Avenue, 1st Floor, Room A12, Nairobi, addressed as follows:

To Mystery Publishers Limited
Tel: +254 718 429 184
Book Prize Submission
By [Your Name and Contact Details]

Once you send or drop your books at Nuria Bookstore, please let us know via email at bookprize@mysterypublisherslimited.com  CC afrikaredefinedbookprize@gmail.com

eBook submissions should be through email (bookprize@mysterypublisherslimited.com) as follows:

    • subject heading: ‘Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize submission by YOUR NAME’;
    • Cover email and the eBook attached.

Eligible Books & Fees

All payments are processed online
  • Print (hard copies) and eBooks (PDF only).
  • Books submitted should be published in English or translated into English.
  • Not more than three (3) years since publication (only books published in 2021 and later).
  • Traditionally published books are not eligible.
  • eBooks should not be a gift to download from Amazon. This is because the gift goes to just one person. Because of the judging process, the ebook may need to be read by multiple people.
  • We will not accept invitations to download files from websites.
Submission Fees

Paperbacks – Ksh.3000 or US$ 20

EBooks – Ksh.1,500 or US$ 10


Prize Timelines

ARIBP Supports Reading Culture

Schools & Libraries

Mystery Publishers aims to print (depending on the available funding, if any):

  • 1,000 copies of the prize-winning book, and
  • 200 copies each of the first and second runners-up books.

and donate them to schools and community libraries.

What You Get For Participating

  • Prestige as a publisher is one of the many benefits of being named a winner of this distinguished award. In addition, all shortlisted writers receive:
  • Recognition before the awards ceremony on the ARIBP website.
  • Archived listing after the awards ceremony on the ARIBP website.
  • Personalised award certificate for the winner and first and second runner-up.
  • Engraved trophy marking their achievement (Winner only).
  • Free marketing and promotion of the book/winner during the winning year.
  • A press release template to use when personally announcing the winning book.
  • Special award digital stickers to affix to the winning, runner-up, and shortlisted book(s).
  • Inclusion in the announcement to the media, Mystery Publishers’ events and activities, Mystery Publishers’ and ARIBP’s social media channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.), and more.
  • Distribution of the winning book through all the channels available to Mystery Publishers.