We are pleased to share the exciting news of new judges joining the Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize judging panel. The panel is drawn from academicians, editors, publishers, writers, and readers.

Dr Carren Otieno (Rongo University) and Tanzania-based teacher Richard Mbuthia have joined the 2024 judging panel. They will serve on the panel for two years, with the possibility of extending for a third and final third year.

The two join others who are serving their second year: passionate reader and founder of Kenyan Readathon, Lexa Lubanga (Kenya), who is also the Panel chairperson; writer, poet, and publisher Dr Michael Dekel (Israel), who is the vice chairperson; writer and columnist Empress Ciku Kimani-Mwaniki (Kenya), writer Lesalon Kasaine (Kenya); and reader Xavier Omweri.

We’re honoured to have the wonderful and committed team at this year’s Prize and to work together to recognise self-published works and writers in Africa.

The 2024 submissions closed on 15 April 2024, and the judging process is ongoing.

Dr Carren Adhiambo Otieno (Lecturer, Rongo University) – Kenya

Dr Carren Adhiambo Otieno is a Kenyan scientist, an author of scientific articles, and a lecturer at the Department of Physical, Biological and Health Sciences, Rongo University – Kenya. She is a researcher with 18 years of experience and 22 years in academia. She has a B.Ed (Science), MSc Botany (Microbiology), and PhD Botany. Her research interest is in improving food security through research on orphaned and endangered food crops, plant pathology, microbiology, and climate change. She is passionate about empowering and encouraging girls to pursue STEM courses, leading to increased visibility.

Richard Mbuthia (Teacher, Writer, Editor) – Kenya

Richard Mbuthia is a Kenyan Tanzania-based teacher, passionate poet, editor, motivational speaker, and author of The Setting Noon and Other Poems (2017) and children’s poetry anthologies he compiled and edited Letters of Gold (2017), Bounding for Light (2018), Sparks in the Dark (2019), and Echoes of the Sun (2020). He has also been published in various local and international poetry anthologies, magazines, and online forums.

Richard is passionate about teaching and developing poetry craft in children.