Mystery Publishers announced the nomination of one of its writers, Sophie Kiwelu’s, The Pains We Live, for the prestigious African Christian Authors Book Award 2023 in the Biography/Memoir Book Award Category.

“We believe this nomination is a testament to her exceptional literary skills, thought-provoking storytelling, and profound insights into the Christian journey,” read the statement by the Editorial Director, Yvonne Wamuyu.

The Pains We Live, which was launched on 10th June 2023, follows the heartbreaking story of a young woman to remarkable triumph. When Lydia Mkunde falls in love, it is hard, fast, and at first sight. She ignores the ‘small voice’ telling her that Jabez Kimoni is not the one. Happily-ever-after is a nightmare, and she wishes to end the pain when the man she marries becomes someone she can’t recognise. Hoping to find solace in the church, she is betrayed by those she trusts. Her only hope is in God, and redemption is the restoration of her happiness. Sophie, who started her career as a banker, has also written  The Mystery of Horses, a Christian motivational text, and a novella, The Husband is Mine.

The annual African Christian Authors Book Award represents good reads and the impact of Christian books run by CLC Kenya, which celebrates and seeks to promote great books that impact the world by encouraging Christian authorship in Africa. The Award program celebrates the “best of the year” in ten categories. Finalists are chosen in each category and the winners are announced and awarded at African Christian Authors Gala held at CLC Kenya’s Family Reading Picnic each year. Sophie Kiwelu’s recognition through this nomination in the Christian writing community is a well-deserved honour and a true testament to her dedication and passion for her craft.

Mystery Publishers welcomes you to join us in rallying support for Sophie and her remarkable memoir, The Pains We Live. Here’s how you can make a difference: Visit the award’s official website and kindly leave a review/ comment for Sophie expressing how the memoir has touched your heart and impacted your faith journey. Your feedback will encourage the writer and help others discover her words’ transformative power. If you haven’t had the chance to read this extraordinary book yet, now is the perfect time to grab your copy. It is available for purchase from the Nuria Bookstore, Amazon, and bookstores in Kenya (Ereto Bookshop, Nakuru, and AfriReads Bookshop, Eldoret).

Experience the profound journey of faith and redemption firsthand and be inspired by the writer’s remarkable story.