A military poetry book of its kind, Echoes of Military Souls by Kenyan writer and theatre expert Jerusha Kananu Marete, has been voted the best book for the 2022 Afrika Redefined Indie Book Prize, with over 800 votes, which translates to 81.84% of the votes cast.

Vincent de Paul’s Inevitable Desires: First Love came in second, with 94 votes (9.28%), and City of Cannibals by Dancan Ouma Obuya took the third position with 56 votes (5.53%). View the voting results Here.

Published in 2019, Echoes of Military Souls presents the nexus between war and women’s experiences and the trauma of broken families from losing a loved one because of war.

The book addresses what is happening currently in Africa: the scourge of terrorism in Somalia, the Central Africa Republic, Mozambique, and the Boko Haram menace in West Africa. Families are devasted across Africa because of war, militaries committed to a faceless enemy, and the gallant soldiers who never give up.

Thus, it has compellingly addressed Afro-currency.

The winning author will be announced during an award ceremony in the last week of February 2023.

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